31 May 2006


I worked from 1700-2000. No calls. We did a drill on MABAS and mass casualty. We had a new triage system that we are finally going to start using. Very good training.

I ran errands for most of the day. All I want is a good call!

29 May 2006

Memorial Day

Had our Memorial Day parade today. It was a really good time. I got my one armed sutan. Woohoo! I think we hit a record high today. Besides the heat (which wasn't too bad) it was a perfect day.

28 May 2006

Busy as a bee

Five calls today. One was a mutual aid fire that we never made it out of staging for. Another for an electrical problem with smoke in the building. We did two rescue calls-one for a fall (cockroaches included) and one for a seizure, with a prolonged extrication because it was on a boat. Extra points to all on scene for not falling into the lake off the dock, and not losing any equipment into the water :). Then a washdown at a gas station. It was a good shift. I love being busy!

25 May 2006


More posts soon. I don't have access to a computer for a couple of weeks, so I will update soon!

24 May 2006


Very slow day. First call was for an "abdominal mass." Our patient had been seen earlier today at the hospital for a CT scan. When it was read by the doctor he found a mass and wanted her re-evaluated. She already had a history of a AAA. Her v/s were stable. A nice slow transport and an easy ALS call. We got that call around 1100. We didn't do anything until almost 1900-actually 1930.

We did a BLS MRI. Our patient was the sweetest little lady I think I have ever taken. We dropped her off, ran a couple errands, and got called to bring her back to the hospital around 2200. We slept all night-no calls.

19 May 2006


Only one call all day. We got toned out for a man who had fallen and that was unconscious. When we got on scene our patient was lying on the floor, semi-conscious. He complained of right shoulder pain. Other than that we couldn't get much out of him. We got vitals and that is when we started to worry. There were stairs going out of the house (probably 10 or so), so I called for a lift assist. The guy's heart rate was about 30, and his blood pressure was about 80/P. Not so hot. His O2 sats were also in the low 80s. We got him packaged (c-collar, backboard, the whole deal), and by that time three people had showed up for the lift assist. Out to the rig we went.

I hooked up the monitor and my partner got a line. We got a new set of vitals. We got out the atropine, pushed 1mg, and his heart rate came up to about 62. His blood pressure also came up to about 90. Good good good. That's what I like. I drove to the hospital, and my partner said that he became quite responsive on the way in.

All in all it was a good call. He was an elderly gentleman, so this is quite common. His rhythm just looked like a sinus brady, but I would be interested to see what a 12-lead says. He already had a history of MIs.

15 May 2006

Nothing Special

First call was for "unsteady gait." The page said x1 week. I spoke with the RN and she said that the patient would get weak and slump to the right side, become minimally responsive for about a minute, and then come around. This has been going on for a week. She had also fallen several times in the past week and had received no treatment. They did take an x-ray towards the end of the week which came back positive for fracture. They got results on Saturday. Her foot wasn't wrapped or anything-no treatment once again. Supposedly her last episode of weakness was on Saturday also.

The woman was 48 years old. She was very hard to understand. She didn't complain of any pain, but her ankle was swollen and black/blue. There was redness running up her leg that almost looked like the start of cellulitis.

During transport she would slump to the left (not the right like the nursing home said-maybe they're dyslexic). She was literally hanging halfway off the cot. I was constantly moving her back onto the cot.

I told the RN at the hospital about my concerns and she agreed. Possible neglect. We got ball rolling and hopefully the hospital will admit her so she gets some good TLC.

We did a BLS return...a psych...

Our last call was an 18 y/o girl that was a psych patient. We were taking her to a south side psych hospital. She looked like she was 9 years old. She said she does this on purpose. She's been to over 8 different hospitals so far this year.

12 May 2006


I did mostly BLS calls today. We did some transfers, many psychs, and a couple of ALS calls.

The best call of the day, you ask?

A woman from a nursing/psych facility going to another long term psych hospital. She seemed okay when we first got her. They were sending her out because she left the facility and walked to the hospital across town. She starting talking once we got out of the facility. She said that all of her family is at that hospital-she was the only one that they let out. She had many health problems: both of her legs were apparently broken, but she had to "keep walking." Both of her arms became broken during transport. We also had to go in search of her heart meds for her "transplant." She was also pregnant. I asked her how far along she was and she said, very seriously, "oh, I'm pregnant with a premium...I usually have several a day." I told her that she must be a very busy lady. The only thing I could think of was that she meant preemies. Anyways, she also had a dislocated shoulder, a glass eye, and just had surgery on one of her hips. It was a miracle though, because once we got to the hospital and got her in her room, she was up and walking. She just has to keep walking...

Now that's what I call a save :)

10 May 2006

Ghost Light

We did our last transport at 0400. It was a psych going from the suburbs into the city. She was depressed with suicidal ideations. She recently discovered that her husband was cheating on her. She was quiet the entire ride.

I had all the lights shut off in the back of the rig because I had finished my paperwork and my patient was nodding off. Every time we hit a bump, one of the lights would turn on, and just as quickly, shut off. Then it started happening even when we didn't hit bumps. Weird. It's kind of creepy because with how the lights are wired, we can't just turn on one of them. It is either the front two or the back two. Only the last one was flickering. It's probably the ghost of someone that died in that rig. Who knows.

09 May 2006


We did several routine transports today. Mostly psychs.

Our first priority call was for a 20 y/o male who was cutting a box at work with a box cutter and the box cutter slipped. He put it right into his eyeball. Yuck. You really couldn't see too much, but what you could see was that his eye was cut diagonally almost right through the center, and his pupil was anything but normal. We drove on a priority to a trauma hospital 60 miles away so he could get into a surgeon.

We did a BLS MRI.

Then another priority-a woman in labor. She was 38 weeks pregnant with her bag of waters still intact. She didn't speak English, and I don't speak much Spanish, so it was an interesting call trying to understand each other. She was only 19. After we got her to the hospital and a Spanish-speaking nurse was found, we were told that she was only having one contraction an hour. I don't know, but she seemed like she was in a lot of pain the whole time she was with us. Oh well.

Shorness of breath at a home address. Nothing extremely interesting. He called us because he didn't want to go to the closest hospital. All his vitals checked out, and it was pretty much another routine transport.

Our first psych of the evening was a 24 y/o girl that tried to commit suicide-she cut her arm across her AC and another cut across her hand. She was upset because her aunt took her car and sold it for drugs. The girl had just been released from a 7 year sentence in prison and was on house arrest. She ran away once at the hospital, but was tracked down by the police and brought back.

07 May 2006

Day off

I'm glad I finally have a day off. I just ran some errands and hung out with some family from out of town.

I got a message on my phone at 1900 saying I was supposed to have been at work at 1700. Oops. For some reason today never made it onto my schedule. A no call no show is not something I want on my record.

I plan on being a bum tonight. Maybe I'll watch a good movie.

06 May 2006

GI Bleed

Today was relatively busy. We did several psych bounces. We did a call for a toothache and, of course, the patient wanted to go to a hospital 40 miles away. It never fails.

We did an ALS MRI-nothing special.

We had a guy that we were called to for a "psych," but when we got on scene, it wasn't. The guy was off his meds-insulin mainly. We checking his glucose, which was fine. He was complaining about itching and sores all over. He showed me one on his arm and that was enough for me. I was itching all night. They were little nodules and he was scratching them so much that he was making them bleed. Yuck. He thinks it is from his job, but I'm sorry, from what I saw, it looked like he had scabies. I was just disgusted. It was funny because after dropping the guy off in the ER, I was standing at the nurses station finishing my report, and the doctor walked out of the room with a disgusted look on his face and was scratching his arm and neck. Ha. It's not just me :).

We actually got about three hours of sleep before we got our next call. It was a priority coming out of an ER. When that happens, it is either a) cath lab, or b) peds. This time it was a baby. It was funny because my partner and I were just talking about peds and how we both get them all the time. We got on scene and found out that the baby had a GI bleed and every time she would pass blood (there wasn't even any stool-it was all blood) she would get lethargic and nod off. They said her heart rate had been in the 200s, but she was at about 130 for us. During the ride my partner said that she would get sleepy and her heart rate would drop into the eighties.

It didn't take long to get to Children's Hospital. I was running hot and on a highway. You can put two and two together. We dropped her off around 0630 and finally returned to quarters at 0750-just in time for shift change.

04 May 2006

Shortness of Breath

Two calls for shortness of breath today.

The first one we were dispatched to came across as "20 y/o female not breathing." Of course we hauled butt, meeting up with another medic and a police officer on scene. They ran in with the AED while I got the clipboard and my partner got the jumpbag. I was the first one in the door; there was a young woman sitting in a kitchen chair in very mild distress. She said she just felt like it was hard to breathe. She didn't want to go by ambulance, but she finally gave in. She had a history of anxiety and had been sick with the flu all week. Nothing out of the ordinary-just another SOB call.

Second call was also for shortness of breath. It was an elderly woman sitting on the edge of her bed, with her oxygen already on, complaining that it was hard to breathe. She wasn't too sure about her history, but I got what I needed off of her prescription bottles. She had pitting edema in all extremities. Thank goodness she had one of those motorized chairs to get to the first floor, because we would have had a hell of a time getting her outside. Once in the rig we worked our magic, called the hospital and were on our way.

I forgot how much I absolutely love this time of year. It was a beautiful day and I made sure I took my time cleaning so that I could leave the bay doors open. Ahhh...

I did some cleaning and training in the afternoon. Nothing out of the ordinary. I took some online terrorism awareness courses which were actually somewhat challenging. Something good to do with my free time I guess.