24 June 2006


We got called for a child with a laceration. He had been riding his bike at the skate park and fell. His sunglasses caught him right above his eyebrow. A nice deep 3 cm laceration. We cleaned him up, got ahold of his parents and waited. His parents were at a friend's house, but got there in about 5 minutes. They wanted to take him to a hospital out of our district. They signed him AMA and that was that.

No other calls yet. I'm bored out of my mind. Hopefully we get something good tonight :)

11 June 2006

Fire Prevention

I just arrived in Emmitsburg, MD. Well, yesterday anyways. Good times. I am having the time of my life. It is so wierd to be away from work. When the alarm clock went off this morning I thought it was my pager and came flying out of bed. When I actually came to I realized that I wasn't at the firehouse.

My class is going to be really good. We have tons of outside activities. We even have graduation! We are taking a class trip to Gettysburg to visit, and if I can convince a couple others, maybe DC. We shall see.

I was told how wonderful it is here, but I know now that it is definitely the truth. This place is awesome. Everybody treats you like an equal. Even the security officers are nice.

We are right across the street from Camp David. When the president comes in, the blackhawk helicopters land here. That's pretty cool.

Anyways, I will have more blogs from this week and a couple backdated ones. I haven't had time to keep up.

06 June 2006

Phantom of the Elevator

Several calls today. Good times. We had a smoke investigation. A deck caught on fire. A neighbor put it out. It was still fun. We also did an elevator rescue that turned out to be nothing. We joked that it was the phantom in the elevator. There was nobody there and the students needed to get a key from the office to use it. Oh well. At least we got the keys figured out so that if there is a real emergency we can act more efficiently. We also had a dumpster fire. Lots of fun. The paint was completely melted off and the lid was burned off. The water was boiling off the metal. It was almost a real fire. I hope I get a real one soon :).

04 June 2006

Even Better

One good call. We were called for a man who took the wrong medication. When we got on scene, our patient was very agitated, and said he was going crazy. He had taken the wrong meds. Not his fault though; the pharmacy gave him the wrong ones. He had been taking them for four days, and obviously, not taking the meds he should have been. They gave him clomiphene instead of clomipramine. Yeah. Clomiphene is a drug some women take to increase fertility, etc. Not really for men to take. The calls just keep getting better. First a leaky testicle, now a guy that will probably grow ovaries... :). What next?

01 June 2006


I worked 0800 until about 1400. One call for a man with urine leaking from his testicle. Very weird call. I guess it's possible, but as far as I know-unusual. All I could think about was the human anatomy and I couldn't figure out how it was possible. But, there was, in fact, a hole (small) in the man's testicle with fluid leaking out-and the room smelled like urine. Even the doctor at the ER had never heard of it. It had been going on for 6 days. I don't know if it's just me, but if I had urine leaking out of my testicle, I wouldn't wait 6 days to figure out why.

I caught a "structure fire" today responding from home. It was just room and contents. If we had been two minutes later, it would have been a good one. I was just excited to get a fire.

I figure this: since I have been "official," I got one supposed structure fire mutual aid that we got on scene-went to staging, and never got out of the rig. This one was #2, and I actually made it on scene, packed up, with my axe in hand, and (almost) did some work. Granted, all I got to do was carry and set up a ventilation fan and repack hose, it was still a step closer to the real thing.

I was absolutely psyched to finally be on a fire scene :) It was that much better without having "recruit" plastered across my helmet. Yeah for me!