01 June 2006


I worked 0800 until about 1400. One call for a man with urine leaking from his testicle. Very weird call. I guess it's possible, but as far as I know-unusual. All I could think about was the human anatomy and I couldn't figure out how it was possible. But, there was, in fact, a hole (small) in the man's testicle with fluid leaking out-and the room smelled like urine. Even the doctor at the ER had never heard of it. It had been going on for 6 days. I don't know if it's just me, but if I had urine leaking out of my testicle, I wouldn't wait 6 days to figure out why.

I caught a "structure fire" today responding from home. It was just room and contents. If we had been two minutes later, it would have been a good one. I was just excited to get a fire.

I figure this: since I have been "official," I got one supposed structure fire mutual aid that we got on scene-went to staging, and never got out of the rig. This one was #2, and I actually made it on scene, packed up, with my axe in hand, and (almost) did some work. Granted, all I got to do was carry and set up a ventilation fan and repack hose, it was still a step closer to the real thing.

I was absolutely psyched to finally be on a fire scene :) It was that much better without having "recruit" plastered across my helmet. Yeah for me!


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