04 July 2006

Boring life

I haven't posted in a while. My life is boring. I might have had some good calls. I can't even remember anymore.

I am bored out of my mind with everything. I have been working every day. I barely even got to see fireworks today. We had to make our own noises because the fireworks were so far away we couldn't hear them.

Yeah...imagination isn't as good when you grow up :(

Maybe we will get a decent call tonight. All we've had today is a call for a seizure in a toddler. It was an okay call. But I want more.

We actually did get another call earlier, but I didn't go. My pager went off four times in a row. They gave our tones, MABAS tones, our tones, MABAS tones, and then our tones again. It sounded like the entire world was coming to an end. Not quite. Just dispatch hitting the wrong keys. Half of the department was flying like bats out of hell to the station. I came flying out of my driveway and flew down the street. It only took me 20 seconds to get to the station if that tells you anything. I think my neighbors think I'm nuts. All that for a rescue call. I was caked in paint from painting my house, so it was probably a good thing that I didn't have to go out in public. They retoned again as I was pulling into the parking lot to disregard the MABAS tone. Oh well. It was a good adrenaline rush :)


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