08 September 2006

10-50 No car found

I just got back from another call. We were called for a check up on a 10-50. It was at the furthest edge of our district. When we got on scene, all I saw was a squad car. I asked my partner, "um...where's the car?" We just couldn't figure it out. Not wanting to sound stupid on the radio and say that no car was found (you know, just in case we find one in the forest or something) we just put ourselves on scene. We didn't give a scene size up, which, of course, pissed off everyone back at the station because they wanted to know what was going on.

Anyways, I got out of the rig and headed towards the squad. There was an officer and a guy standing outside. The officer said that there was a girl in the car too, and that she keeps nodding off. At this point, I still wasn't understanding what was going on, so as I went to talk to the girl, I spoke with the cop. He said that the couple was in a taxi and he missed the turn. Rather than turning around, he tried to make it at about 60 mph. Needless to say, he didn't make it, went into the ditch, and kept driving. The couple yelled at him to stop and they got out of the cab, and the driver sped away, leaving them on the side of the road.

The girl was complaining of head pain and needed to be transported. The guy had ear pain and then started complaining of neck pain. We only had the two of us on the rig, and since both wanted to go to the hospital, and they both needed to be boarded, I had to call for a second ambulance. We got another one enroute, which left our station with no ambulance and on a general alarm. They got on scene, and all hostility over not getting a scene report was gone. They realized how screwed up it was, got the less critical patient and headed towards the hospital. Good times.

I also did a stand by at a football game. It was absolutely crazy-people everywhere. The people were horrible; they played the national anthem and you couldn't even hear it because people were being so rowdy. And most weren't even watching the game-they were just hanging out in their little groups.

The game was in the next town over, and they tend to have a lot of gang related problems which have just gotten worse with a huge influx of people from Louisiana and from Chicago when a bunch of the projects shut down. There was one big fight that ended with several people being kicked out. Other than that I just concentrated on watching my back...and the drug box in the rig :)

We didn't have any injuries from the game. Just a kid that hit himself in the head with a baseball bat, cut his eyebrow and wanted a bandaid. Good times.


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